Background of My spy

My spy that is also known as mSpy where it is associated with software that is ideal when it comes to tracking activities carried out from a phone or computer. The software that also is known as mSpy is a sole property of My spy involves monitoring system that entails advanced features.
A great story has been told that has led to the existence of the software. A team of young professionals that are very innovative came up with a fresh idea that led to My spy.

How did My spy start?

In the year 2008, two young friends were at a pub, and they were enjoying their beers and started to talk about a scandal that befall their colleagues. The scandal happened in their place of work where the accountant of the said company was found disseminating information to the competitors. This information was deemed to be confidential financial data, and this happened for many years before he was discovered. It is through this employee that the company suffered in making strides ahead.
At the beginning of the year 2009, the young men decided to come up with a product that will greatly help when it comes to catching unscrupulous people. The product was meant to prevent these people from getting away with their crimes. It is from this particular point that the spy was formed, and its perfect launch did happen in the year 2011.

What is entailed in My spy

my spy
Apart from the advanced monitoring system; My spy is composed of young professional who are categorized to have fresh and great ideas. The support that is present in the venture also is very innovative in what they do to ensure that the application solve everyday issues. It offers security to parents and employers that all security lapses will be solved without making the tracked person feeling that his/her space has been limited.
The service according to the latest press reports has been identified to be the best in class. This means each and every aspect of the software operation and maintenance has been done to the letter. The company is very dynamic such that it welcomes new ideas, and they are ready to bend themselves to a particular goal.
Other than the objectives mentioned above; excellence together with safety has been assured to the best of their knowledge. The company is well-structured hence assuring their clients that they get value out of their money.

Support for platforms

A crucial point, when it comes to support, is the number of platforms that My spy supports. There’s wide variety of phones with different platforms hence limiting the software to the platform is not an option. It is due to this case that a support for all major platforms has been given top most priority. Android, IOS, Blackberry, Windows and Mac are the platforms eligible to run this particular application. It clearly means that user can track applications even if he/she has a platform different from the other person.

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