Best Apps To Read Text Messages On Another Phone

The Mobile Spy app suits you best in case you have alarming concerns over other people. You may want to clear your speculation over what your spouse does on their phone or monitor what your kid is up to or even your employees having some things they are doing behind your back. You can decide to clear the curiosity off your head and take action.

Mobile Spy hands you the right and chance to reveal the truth all by yourself. You can now access all texts on the target’s handset whether it is done through SMS, MMS, Gmail, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook and any other social media channel.

All you have to do is creating a Mobile Spy account then download this software to the phone that is to be monitored. The app hides itself within that phone. From then, the app keeps track and records whatever the user does with their handset. These are then uploaded to your private online Mobile Spy account including both contacts of the sender and receiver.

You can then view all text messages that the target has been sending and receiving by logging in into your account. The information is sorted and categorized for easy viewing. Mobile Spy is quite exclusive in that it still records and uploads the texts even where the handset owner deletes their logs. You can also remotely control the target device from the comfort of your own handset or PC. This includes blocking apps, both inbuilt and downloaded, locking their SIM, deleting their phone data and removing Mobile Spy itself.

The software is compatible with almost all Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Symbian phones. It also works in most Apple devices. As long as a carrier does not restrict internet access, then they are compatible with this handy app. You must connect to internet through your carrier or even Wi-Fi to access services offered by Mobile Spy. This is definitely the best app to read text messages on another phone in case you need to spy and investigate on someone.

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