how can i spy on my wife phone without touching it? 100% FREE

Yes you can can spy on someone phone with a proper but you have to make sure that you are not using it for illegal purpose. Spying a phone is illegal for most of the case but you can use it legally if you want to monitor your minor kid’s smartphone or monitor your employee […]

How can i track my boyfriend`s location without him knowing & without his phone?

To track someone location what you need to track is their phone because its the only thing that stays with them all the time. So how can you track someone location using their cellphone, for this all you need is a good tracking app which you can install in the phone of the person you […]

I want to spy on a phone without having access to the phone

To spy on someones phone without having access to it, all you need is a monitoring app which allows you do to exactly what you want. It is an app which when installed on the users phone allow you to remotely monitor each and every activity of that person using just their phone, you will […]

How to read someones text messages online free??

There is a software that can be downloaded from the internet which can be used to read someone’s text messages online. It charges a minimal amount but you can easily afford it. You can use it to monitor your child activity and check that they are not in danger. It can also be used to […]

How to check someones whatsapp messages? (100% FREE)

Why does anyone want to check someone WhatsApp messages? maybe because you want to monitor your children so that they are safe or you want to monitor your employees whatsapp messages. Yes you can do this, all you need is a nice tracking app that can be installed in the target phone and then you […]

How can i track someone’s location without them knowing? 100% FREE

Tracking someone location is really easy, there is an app that google has made just for you but to track someone without them really knowing is a little hard task, you need to search the app store for it but anyways I will tell you how you can do this with the help of monitoring […]

I wanna check someone’s whatsapp chat history How?

Recently I was surfing around the internet when I found this question which was posted somewhere in the forum How i wanna check my kids whatsapp chat history and have it on my phone too..when he receive whatsapp message,i will receive too? Recently I am getting signs that my kid is not in right i […]

How can i spy on someone cell phone without touching his cell.. FREE

I can really help you in this if that person has a smartphone running on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian.. It is highly likely that his cellphone has any of these OS. Now let us see how you can spy on his cellphone without even touching his cellphone. What you need to do is download the paid […]

Keylogger – keystroke logger software 100% FREE

So key logger is basically an app that gives you an account on what keys are being pressed in the phone which you want to spy.. this feature comes very handy when you want to track someones phone. There are many key logger software available in the android market for free, one of which is […]

How do i track text messages and phone calls?

There are many ways to track and spy on someone wife’s text messages and phone calls, like viewing them _ but right now I am going to discuss the easiest and most effective method of spying on wife. Here are the list of things you need. mSPY App Access to target Smartphone (Only Once) Laptop […]