How to get a keylogger on an Android phone?

Key logger is an app that track each and every keystroke on the target phone.. and send the log to you.. This feature comes very handy when you want spy on someones smartphone, and to know if that person is cheating on you.

Speaking about key logger on an android phone, there are many of those available in the app mart but none of them really works, One which works requires access to the target phone to check the key log which is not good if you to spy _ on him/her, but after finding a lot I came across an app that is clearly the best key logger for android.

mSPY is a spy app which you can install on the target phone and the the app will hide itself and send you the log report of each and every key stroked in that phone, as simple as that. It gives you the full log of action performed on the phone, other than the key logger there are also some of the features which can come handy when you want to track someone..

Some of its Features includes

  • Call Tracker
  • Whatsapp, Facebook, Message Tracker
  • Location Tracker

To Install this App you just need to buy the mspy app at very cheap cost from the banner below and install it in the target phone and you can then  track the person and get all his key logs in your computer at realtime.


  1. How can this app help you to gain access to email on a galaxy android phone if it requires no keystrokes to access on the target phone? Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you.

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