I want to spy on a phone without having access to the phone

To spy on someones phone without having access to it, all you need is a monitoring app which allows you do to exactly what you want. It is an app which when installed on the users phone allow you to remotely monitor each and every activity of that person using just their phone, you will receive constant updates on your phone at real time and that too 24×7. So of general features of a spyware app is.

  • Spy on calls
  • Track location
  • Spy on SMS | WhatsApp | Facebook
  • Track other IM like Viber, WeChat
  • Monitor Pictures
  • And many more..

What you just need to do is download a nice monitoring app like the one mentioned below, and install in the target phone once. thats it you are good to go. Its that easy. Its available for both Android and iOS so you can say it works in almost each and every smartphone.

Spying on someone phone is illegal, restricted by law, but you can monitor phone of your minor child phone or your employee’s phone just to check they are not going the wrong way.

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