Keylogger – keystroke logger software 100% FREE

So key logger is basically an app that gives you an account on what keys are being pressed in the phone which you want to spy.. this feature comes very handy when you want to track someones phone.

There are many key logger software available in the android market for free, one of which is listed below

Shadow Keylogger

But these key logger has a limit and that is it does not allow us to remotely spy on someone else’s phone like you have to have a access to the target phone to get the log of the keys pressed in their phone. So what about a key logger app that allow us to remotely spy on someone’s phone without even having access to their phone.. Is it possible? is there an app for this?

Yes. Spyware can do this.. These are paid android and iOS app which once installed in someone’s phone allow you to remotely spy on it and can also give you the log of the keys pressed in it. at realtime.

Once you have bought this app, you can install it in the target phone and once installed it will transmit all the data to your laptop at realtime. It also has a key logger feature.

You can buy it by clicking the banner below

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