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Do you wish to track someones cell phone? Well, I bet you do. With the rise of smart phones, a number of softwares have been invented to suit different needs of clients. One of the most commonly used software is the mSPY.

The mSPY mobile tracking software has several features that enable one to track another cell phone with ease. It has basic operational features that enable one to track calls, spy on texts, track user location with GPS, monitor the calendar and access photos and videos taken.

The following are some of the key features of mSPY mobile tracker that helps track someones smart phone:

Environmental monitoring

The user initiates the camera and prompts it to take pictures. Pictures are taken _ to display the actual surroundings of the person being monitored.

Audio recording can also be done to enable the tracker to hear what is being said. This means that a full record of the location plus audio and pictures can be easily portrayed.

Text message spying

This feature allows one to learn what someone being tracked is texting. It clearly records every text being sent or received. The multimedia messages are also monitored to learn the pictures being received.

GPS tracking

Finds out the exact location. It displays the map and clearly records the information on where the person is being monitored. This feature works best where there is a GPS signal.

Gmail and youtube monitoring

Allows one to view sent and received mails. It shows the links of videos watched on YouTube via a smart phone.

Contacts and notes tracking

Keeps record of who is being contacted at a particular time.

Messages commands

It uses GPS location. A message can be remotely sent to a monitored phone. One can also remotely erase phone records such as call logs.

The web and social media monitoring

Social media apps include facebook, twitter, whatsApp, viber among the rest. The mSPY can monitor the person’s web history and discover who the person is chatting with.

Call tracking

The Mspy can display the contacts of who was called by the person being spied on. Time spend on each call and the record of sounds can easily manifest.

With this app therefore, one can easily track someones cell phone with greater ease. For instance, the manager can resolve to track the performance of a rogue employee. A mother can also monitor her child through the use of Mspy. It is simple and easy to use. It is just amazingly commendable!


  1. Hi Vinz,
    I checked it out. Mspy does not support my target phone… It’s Moto G second generation handset. I just want to record the whatsapp chats and, if possible, the incoming call details. Also, these guys are very costly. Could you please suggest something that is reasonably priced, is reliable and easy to install. I have access to the target phone. I thank you in advance. Please send your reply to my email id.

    • As far as I know mSPY supports all the Android device. So it must support Moto G. Kindly contact the mSPY support with the issue

  2. If I will install mspy in my son phone that app is visible to him

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